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PLA Creative Response to DPLA 2013 plans.

DLF Presentation Monday: What a National Digital Library means for Public Libraries  Comments from Presentation October 28, 2011 by Nate Hill SJPL Staff

  • The future of public libraries lies in supporting creative endeavors in their local community and empowering the patrons to contribute their creative work back to the community or to the whole world via the internet.  
  • Herein lies the new role for public libraries: we need to be centers for knowledge production, not just knowledge consumption.  There is no other institution doing this work, and public libraries are best situated to fill the gap.
  • For this reason, a Digital Public Library of America must support user generated content, and give patrons the opportunity to integrate and display their own contributions in the context of ‘trusted’ library content, and it has to make that experience fun and rewarding for the participants.  
  • The DPLA or any large public digital library effort needs a mechanism for contribution, and serious UX work making that contribution engaging.  


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